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Packages and Prices

We offer and can suggest website and development packages that suit your business need. Detail of packages and prices that we offer are given below.

Single static Page

Single Page website cost from £120. Duration of the project is 7 to 10 days.

Standard static website

Standard website of 4 - 6 pages website would cost from £220 - £400. Project duration is 20 to 30 days.

Content Management Systems(CMS)

Large websites with administration backend control cost from £600. Project duration is about minimum 2 to 3 months. Examples of such websites are forums, blogs, properties, schools and colleges websites.

Ecommerce website

Ecommerce website consists of full shopping cart, database, products display and successful transaction would cost from £950.

Additional Modules:  

Modules are used to add some additional functionalities to the existing website. Cost of each module may vary depends on the complexity of the module. Minimum cost of modules starts from £50.

Adding webform to static website

 Adding a webform to a static website will cost from £50 to £100. Other types of websites like CMS and Ecommerce websites will come with websites, included in the cost.


Note: Please note that the time scale may vary if the planes or tasks were change by clients. All prices displayed are estimated and negotiable depends on the additional modules and functionalities requirements, also it depends the way client communicates with us and gives us information. 


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Why Soft Microsystems?

Development and Design

Your website will be developed and designed professionally, considering all aspect of your business.

Promoting Online and SEO

The website will be developed as fully friendly to search engines. Your website will be submitted to major popular Search engines. 

Help and Support

Free website maintenance and support will be given for the first two weeks.