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Our Services

Soft Microsystems is a newly emerged professional, talented and confident website development and designing company. Website also known as Internet Application. Our goal is to provide you with the services to promote your business online. Some of our services include. 

Website development

Our programmers have high level programming skills of many programming languages. We can develop from a simple website as one page website to a large website such as E-Commerce or Content Management Systems websites. 

Website designing

Our mission is to design an eye-catching website to attract your customers and clients to your online business. We design affordable and high quality website, to help promote the business online easily.

Website maintenance

If you have an existing website or an Internet Application that you want us to maintain or upgrade, you can without any doubts and worry contact us and we will discuss the nature of maintenance your system needs. 

We can redesign, restructure or redevelop it, and if require additional functionalities, we can develop additional modules for the web system, according to your business needs. 

Develop modules to existing systems

We develop modules to your business existing systems.

SEO Essential

Due to our much business in the designing and development, we don't take SEO as a project. But be confident any website that we build, will come with SEO essential functionalities. Our goal is to develop a search engine friendly websites. All our websites are quickly adopted by most well known search engines.


What type of websites we create?


Brochure or Static websites:

Static also known as brochure websites are none editable websites. Such websites  consist of limited number of pages, number of pages may very, but they usually consist of 3 to 5 pages e.g. Home page, contact, about and some pages contain some essential information about the company like "Terms and Condition"  page. They are only used to display limited information about ones businesses.

Content Management Systems(CMS): 

CMS websites provide tools to authorized users to edit specific components of the website. The main idea of the CMS is to facilitate clients to edit websites block, contents etc. dynamically. CMS provide editing and publishing forms to control certain areas of the websites. 
Examples of the CMS websites are blogs, forums, Dynamic Brochure Websites.

E-commerce websites:

E-Commerce website or better known as an online shopping websites are used to display, manage and sell products online. E-commerce websites allow customers to register, view products of their choice add them to the cart and checkout. Such websites are integrated with third parties gateways such as Sagepay and Paypal or directly with bank websites to facilitate customers to pay for their bought products. 
It is also important for E-Commerce websites to have marketing facilities and SEO tools. 

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We can help

  • Thinking about new website.
  • Do you need redesign an existing website.
  • How much a website will cost me?
  • Do my website will be ready SEO?
  • What is essential SEO?