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Website has a big participation in modern business and marking planes, and the look and format of websites or web applications plays a big role. Soft Microsystems makes sure that the website or web application is built as best suit the need of our clients and their businesses. Soft Microsystems team hold a detail discussion with their clients before starting to design their website. 

Most of the clients will have a little or no idea about what a web site designing is and how it works. The web-designing can somehow be described as, the layout, colour and the look of the website. Please note that web-designing is not the same as web development. Web development process is more involved about behave, server-side programming and the structure of the Internet application or a website. While web-designing process is more involved in contents formatting, imaging, colouring and contents representation.

The designing part of the web applications comes right at the end of the development process. The designing process is also know as theming of the website. Once the development of a website is finished, the designing or theming takes place.

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