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Soft Microsystems Privacy Policy

Soft Microsystems takes the privacy of each and every person and client who visits our online store or uses our services very seriously and ensures all data is used according to the letter of the law.

This page states how we collect data, process information, and provide services when you interact with this website, or our applications.
By continuing to use this website, you consent to your information being processed in accordance with this policy.

1. Information we collect:

In order for us to carry out our services efficiently, we collect some essential information. This may include personal information (name, email, address), non-personal information (IP addresses, browser type), and usage data (pages visited, actions taken).

We may also need access information for some equipment that needs to be updated, upgraded, or maintained.

2. Purpose of Data Collection:

  • To get in touch and communicate with you about services
  • To serve website content and services to you
  • We may keep a record of your correspondence and your contact details with us.
  • To manage services, maintenance, process data, and updates and upgrades.
  • To update our records and generally maintain your account with us
  • We also keep your information and data to enable our third-party technical support
  • to detect and prevent any types of fraud and abuses.
  • To inform you about any technical problems in the services we are providing or maintaining
  • For survey and feedback purposes to improve our products and services.

3. How Information & Data is Collected:

Using the following methods, we collect your personal information to help us provide the best possible service for your business
or organization.

  • When you use our contact form to contact us
  • When you fill out our quotation form to inquire about services you need.
  • When you contact us via email or contact us by phone.
  • When you register and create an account with us.
  • Also, we retain necessary information from you when we need it in the implementation of your project, application, and website.

4. Information and Data sharing with third parties

We do not share or disclose your information with any third party, Unless otherwise in case of force majeure. Events that are not in our control due to legal obligations, government legislation, or restrictions.

Examples of force majeure typically would be action taken or required during fire, storms, war, transportation strikes, or disruption of energy.

5. Cookies and Tracking

Cookies are small files stored permanently for a limited time in the browser’s temporary files. Soft Microsystems uses cookies to improve your experience and to offer you better services and content. When you keep browsing our website we may automatically collect information about your browser type, browser version, and operating system.

Given below are some more reasons why we use cookies and what we use them for.

  • We also collect and store information about pages you visited during your browsing our website, to present you with better and more relevant content in the future.
  • For our website security, troubleshooting errors, and debugging, we will also collect your IP address information.
  • We track the statistics of your interest in our services, software, and products.
  • To better understand and serve you and others with similar interests effective advertisements